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Preserve your family memories on DVD!
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Family Video Memories - Transfer film to DVD and photo montage video
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$50.00 Minimum Charge on all Film Transfer orders

Film to Video Transfer Services
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reserve your precious home movie memories today. Transfer film to digital video or DVD including 8mm, super 8mm and 16mm format. Your film to video transfer order will be carefully converted to the highest quality digital video, DVD, or any other video format by leaders in the industry. Customers are surprised to see how well the image quality has stood up over time and how great your images look after we convert your film to DVD or digital file. Don’t wait a day longer to see the smiles and laughter of those golden years!

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16mm film to video

Transfer home movies to DVD today!

Family Memories Video specializes in 8mm film to DVD transfer, which is the most popular option today for film to video conversion today. We can handle any home movie film size including super 8mm and 16mm transfers to DVD, MP4 or any other digital video format such as MOV, AVI, etc. MP4 files can be played anywhere (Smart TV, iPad, phone). MOV and AVI files are suitable for editing on Mac and PC respectively

Customized DVD Projects
  • We can customize any project to make your DVD extra special, such as adding captions and/or adding custom music
Basic Editing
  • Your home movie transfer order can include standard music provided by family memories video or projector sound for no additional charge.
  • When you convert film to video or DVD we can also add a title every 200 feet for no additional charge.
Deluxe Editing
  • After we perform a 16mm or 8mm film to video conversion, many customers desire to edit the footage to create a more enjoyable final product for themselves and their children. Standard editing rates are $100/hour.

Please select the “Further Editing Option” on the Film Transfer Order Form if any of these services are of interest in the future:

  • Adding more captions or titles between scenes
  • Adding custom music to fit specific time frames
  • Deleting poor film quality sections
  • Trimming repetitive or long sections
8mm Film TransferOur Film to Video Transfer Process

  • Our technicians will clean, repair damage, edit unexposed sections (5 sec. or more) and splice your 1m onto a 400ft. projection reel. Regular 8, Super 8 and 16mm films sound or silent are transferred using the highest quality film scanner available. Computer file in most formats are available or DVD. Approximately 1,600 ft. of 8 mm or 3200 ft. of 16mm can be transferred to one DVD.

  • 1600 feet (32 - 3 inch reels) of 8mm or super 8mm film, or 3200 feet of 16mm film can fit onto one 2 hour DVD. Please see DVD Transfer page if you are interested in ordering DVD formatting.

8mm film to video conversion

Film to Video Transfer Services
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Integrate converted 8mm film to video, photos, slides and music to create a Family Century Video!

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