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Q: What formats can you convert to DVD or VHS video?
A: We can handle any home movie film size including super 8mm and 16mm transfers to DVD, VHS or any other video format such as miniDV, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8mm, DVCAM, etc.

Q: What process do you use to perform a 8mm or super 8mm transfer to video or DVD?
A: Whether you transfer 8mm, super 8mm or 16mm film to DVD, your order is kept in a digital format during the film transfer process. Our specific process is proprietary, however, you can be sure from the moment we capture your film image to the time the DVD is burned, our home movie transfer process is all digital.

Q: Will my 8mm film transfer to video flicker?
A: Family Memories video uses professional projector equipment to avoid potential flickering.

Q: How do I calculate the cost before I send in my 8mm film transfer to video order?
A: First, count the number of full reels in your 16mm, super 8mm or 8mm film conversion order. Full reels are priced on a reel basis.
Please see the order form or price sheet for current pricing.

If you have partial reels of film, your order to convert 8mm film to video will be priced on a per foot reel for partial reels. Often, there are markings along the spokes of the reels which call out 50’, 100’, 200’, 300’ increments etc. You can use these marking to estimate your film conversion order price. If there are no marking, we will calculate the cost after running the film and counting the actual feet processed.

Q: When you convert film to DVD or video, how do you account for the difference in frame rates between film and video?
A: Our exact transfer process is proprietary, however, in general terms, professional projectors and cameras have variable run and record rates, and we optimize run and record rates to produce a clear image for your specific home movie transfer order.

8mm film to DVD transfer Questions:

Q: When you transfer 8mm to DVD, how much 8mm film will fit on one DVD?
A: 8mm transfers to DVD at the rate of 1600 feet/ DVD. This is approximately 32 - 3" reels, 8 - 5" reels, or 4 - 7" reels of 8mm film. Super 8mm is slightly more than this, but the above numbers can be used for estimating purposes.

Q: Is 8mm transfer to DVD better image quality than 8mm to video tape?
A: Yes, Film to DVD transfer is better image quality than 8mm film to VHS conversion. VHS tape fades over time. A well protected DVD should last much longer without image fading.

Q: If I transfer 8mm film to DVD should I destroy my original film?
A: Never destroy your original film. However, it can be put away in long term storage as your DVD will now easily play in your living room for generations to come.

Q: How do you make sure not to lose or misplace any of my footage during the 8mm to video transfer process?
A: Each order is kept in a separate labeled container with a notation on the exact number of reels we received. These reels are always placed back into the individual container after every step in the process. Even discarded footage (unexposed) is kept in the customer’s container until it is ready to be shipped or picked up.

16mm film transfer Questions:

Q: How much 16mm film will fit on one DVD?
A: 16mm transfers to DVD at the rate of 3200 feet/ DVD.

Q: Is 16mm transfer to DVD better image quality than 16mm to video tape?
A: Yes, Film to DVD transfer is better image quality than 16mm film to VHS conversion. VHS tape fades over time. A well protected DVD should last much longer without image fading.

Q: If I transfer a 16mm film to video, how will the audio come out?
A: Our professional 16mm projectors include audio equipment and your audio will come out as well as it has been preserved on the tape. Good tape will have good audio as well.

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