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8mm film to DVD transfer
8m film video transfer 8mm to video transfer 16mm film to tape transfer 1-408-226-0411 film dvd transfer
Photo Montage Video
Film to Video Transfer
Life Story Video
Tribute Videos
Film to DVD Transfer
Audio Conversion Services
35mm Slide Conversion Services
Samples of family history videos
Music for family videos
Family Video Order Forms
Family Video Price List

Family Memories Video Price List     (Sales tax not included)

Photo Montage

Project fee
Picture or Slide:
   - Still Image
   - Pan & Scan
   - Multiple Images/screen
Customer supplied music
Video clips added to collage
After Effects added to collage
Scrolling Text
Looping (1, 2, or 3 hours possible)
Loop DVD / MP4 File (up to 25 min, no chapter marks - play only)


Call for Pricing
$4.00/track or song
$20.00/Special effect
$39.00 & up


Film Transfer
($50.00 minimum order)
3 inch complete reel
5 inch complete reel
6 inch complete reel
7 inch complete reel
400 ft. reels and cans
Partial reels
Film Audio
Basic DVD (up to 2 hours, no chapter marks - play only)
Enhanced HD (HD 1080p)
Uncompressed .MOV or .AVI file (up to 1 hour)

Call for Pricing

* Film Transfer orders can take 3 - 8 weeks depending on the order size


Miscellaneous Photo Collage and Film Transfer Items
Additional titles
Custom edit session
First Deluxe DVD (custom menu with optional chapter marks)
   - Custom DVD Chapter marks
Additional DVDs (up to 5 total)
Tapes to Uncompressed .MOV or .AVI file (up to 1 hour)
Tapes to Compressed .MP4 or .MPEG file (up to 1 hour)
Digital conversions from other video formats to DVD
   (miniDV, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8mm, VHS-C, DVCam, etc.)

HD Conversions to Standard DVD(to/from HDV, HD)
HDV to Full HD MP4 file (from HDV Tapes)
Upload to iCloud/GDrive/Dropbox (Compressed Video)
Foreign Conversions (to/from NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
Foreign Conversions Uncompressed .MOV or .AVI file (up to 1 hour)

$5.00/title page



Over 5 total DVDs - call 1.408.636.3247 for current quantity price discount


Video Biography

Call for Pricing


Photo Scanning (Minimum order is $25)
Photo Scan and Dust/Scratch Removal

$2.50 each


Audio Transfer (Minimum order is $25)



35mm Slide/Photo/Negative Transfer (Minimum order is $25)
Slide/Photo/Negative Scan Only
Slide/Photo/Negative Scan and Dust/Scratch Removal
(carousel extraction fee .25 per slide)

$2.00 each
$2.50 each


Tape Repair Service (for broken tapes)
Broken Tape Repair

$35.00 each

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20 years providing cherished family video productions!
20 years providing cherished family video productions!

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