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Preserve your family memories on DVD!
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Convert your home movies to DVD!

DVD Transfer Services
DVD Transfer Services

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ll video products from Infinity Productions are available on DVD. DVDs will maintain a higher quality image much longer than VHS tapes, which show significant degradation in clarity after as little as 10 years.

Preserve your precious memories on DVD for future generations to enjoy! Transfer photos, slides, VHS tapes, Hi8 tapes, MiniDV tapes, home movies and more to DVD or Digital Files.

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DVD Transfer Packages
Basic DVD

bullet Up to 2 hours of video transferred from a single tape/source
bullet No Chapter Marks
bullet Custom Label and Cover
bullet $34.95
Deluxe DVD

bullet Up to 2 hours of video tranferred from up to 4 sources
bullet Main title page with Custom Chapter Marks for a personalized interactive experience
bullet Custom Label and Cover
bullet $79.95 plus $5.00/Chapter Mark

Digital File Package
Digital Media File

bullet Up to 1 hour of video transferred from a single source
bullet Uncompressed MOV file format
bullet $34.95
Foreign Conversion

bullet Up to 1 hour of video transferred from a single source
bullet Uncompressed MOV file format
bullet $54.95

Low volume DVD’s are produced using DVD-R media. Most, but not all DVD players will play this type of DVD. Please check your DVD model for its specifications or refer to to check compatibility before you order.

DVD-R’s can hold up to 2 hours of high quality video.

Please call 1.408.636.3247 if you have any questions about transferring your video project to DVD.

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