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Audio TransferD
igitally preserve the words and music you have stored away on cassette tape, album or reel-to-reel magnetic tape. Family Memories Video has expanded our services and now provides audio conversion to digital formats. Family Memories can convert your records, cassettes or reel-to-reel audio tapes to an audio CD, MP3, .wav or other digital formats.

Family Memories does not convert copyrighted material that is commercially available on CD.

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Record Albums transfer to CD or Digital Files

Family Memories can transfer 33rpm, 45rpm, or 75prm speeds to CD or digital files. Our technicians will clean the record and use the utmost care in handling your record during the transfer process.

Approximate Play Times
bullet 12 inch album 33rpm
bullet 12 inch album 45rpm
bullet 12 inch album 75rpm
bullet 6 inch single song 45rpm: 3.5 minutes

bullet Basic transfer: $60/hour. One hour minumum.
   Basic transfer creates one track for each side of the record.

bullet Individual tracks transfer: $60/hour plus $5/track


Cassette Audio Tapes transfer to CD or Digital Files

Family Memories at this time only provides double-sided standard audio cassette transfers to CD or digital files. Eight track cassette transfers may be available upon special request.

Approximate Play Times
bullet Standard play cassette tape: 30 min per side
bullet Long Play cassette tape
bullet Single play Cassette tapes: 3.5 min per side

bullet Basic transfer: $25 minimum (30 minutes), $1.00/minute.
   Basic transfer creates one track for each side of the cassette.

bullet Individual tracks transfer: $5/track


Reel-to-Reel Magnetic Tape transfer to CD or Digital Files

Reel-to-reel magnetic audio tape can be recorded at several speeds as well as on multiple tracks. It is not possible to estimate the play time on a single reel until a Family Memories audio technician plays the reel. Additionally, several speeds may be recorded on a single reel.

Family Memories technicians will splice any broken sections of tape before beginning the transfer process.

bullet Basic transfer: $60/hour. One hour minumum.
   Basic transfer creates one track for each side/unique channel on the reel.

bullet Speed rate changes: $20/speed change
   Individual tracks will be created automatically if there are multiple speeds recorded on a single side. Individual tracks are created for speed changes only for reel to reel tapes. See Audio Editing pricing for additional track creation.


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