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Photo Video Montage
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etting photos of your loved one(s) to music is a treasured addition to any party or special event. We create photo montage videos and DVDs from your pictures, slides, and/or other images. Your family memories will come alive with this custom picture slideshow production. You select your photos and music and leave the rest to us - we are experts in photo to video transfer production!

Photo collage videos make great Christmas gifts! Order a photo montage video for your next anniversary, graduation, retirement, or birthday party. They also play well at funerals, memorial services, banquets, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and wedding receptions.

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bullet Special effect transitions are inserted between every two or three pictures to accentuate picture attributes. Other pictures will smoothly dissolve into the next picture throughout the video slideshow.


“I am trying to think if I have ever received a gift that I enjoyed more. This gift is a lifetime treasure. I still have moist eyes. There are no better words than
THANK YOU!”     — Joe

bullet Recommended photo collage video length is 10 - 20 minutes (100 - 200 photos), although shorter and longer slideshow video presentations can certainly be accommodated. Family Memories Video uses a standard display time of approximately 6 seconds per photo.

bullet We offer over 150 songs to choose from for free from our Music Gallery, or you may customize your photo video montage further by submitting your own selections on CD or audio tape.

bullet Two title pages are included in every video photo montage production for no additional charge.

bullet Two VHS copies of the final video slideshow are provided standard. DVDs are available for additional charge.

bullet Turn around time is two weeks from the receipt of your materials. Expediting is available for additional charge. See Order Form

bullet Image types Family Memories Video specializes in the transfer of photos to video or DVD. We can also transfer slides to DVD or video. Please call our office for special instructions if you already have digital images for the transfer.

bullet Family Memories Video recommends your materials be sent by either certified mail or UPS for tracking purposes. Fed Ex is also available. See order form for shipping charges. We recommend that you mail your photos to us in a like fashion to minimize chances of loss.

bullet 15% price discount available for custom video slideshow productions over 1 hour final playing time.

Start Organizing Your Photo Montage Video Today!

Infinity provides a full suite of planning tools to make the process of creating your family’s slideshow video production easy and fun:

Photo Montage Video - Order Form
Photo Montage Video - Instructions
Photo Montage Video - Project Planning Sheet
     Extra Photo Montage Project Planning Sheets*
     Extra Titling Worksheets*

DVD Chapter Marks   Deluxe DVD orders only

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Video Projection and Display Information

*Use only if extra pages are needed for your project.

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My mother was so pleased and for the first time in her life, speechless. Sincerely, Rachel

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