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Preserve your family memories on DVD!
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New Service: Digital Conversion of Slides and Photos
Slide Transfer Services

Transfer slides to DVDK
eep your photographic memories alive by bringing them into the digital age. Our slide and photo scanning service caters to the do-it-yourselfer’s or large volume archiving clients who want to work with or preserve their digital images themselves, but do not want to spend hours and hours in front of a scanner.

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Family Memories Video uses the latest Nikon slide scanners to convert your slides to JPEG images.
Pricing for DVD with Slide Show Feature*
(Minimum Order is $25.00)
bullet 26 - 250

bullet 251 - 500

bullet 501 - 1000

bullet 1001 - 2500

bullet over 2500
$.95 each

$.85 each

$.75 each

$.65 each

$.50 each
*The DVD option includes an auto-forwarding slideshow feature and menu system for easily locating your slides.

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